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Call of Duty Black Opsvs. BtFu (13-8)Win
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We're back bitches!

by whizperz on November 14, 2018




Team update

by whizperz on July 15, 2011

It has been awhile since our last team update. Since our last update, we have ventured into Call of Duty: Black Ops competition as our primary focus. We had a great first season in the TWL Search and Destroy Barebones league finishing in the top 4 in our division. We had an exciting end to the regular season with our last two matches going into OT and double OT. However, we eventually ended up losing our first round match in the playoffs playing against the same team we lost to in double OT the week before. Great games all around and I'm very proud of the effort we put in.

Season 2 has just begun and we are gearing up for week 3 on Cracked. Wednesday night's week 2 match against BtFu on Firing Range felt great. Firing Range is one of those maps that we have historically just not played well on and it carried over into our scrims. Because of the holiday break we were fortunate enough to endure two weeks of tough, loss-filled weeks of scrimming on Firing Range. However, all the losses and hard work paid off as we skated to a very easy 13-5 win over BtFu.

Next week we move on to Cracked which is a map we haven't played in competition and not necessarily a favorite among the team either. We're going to power through this week and are looking forward to week 4 and beyond as we start to get into maps that we love to play competitively.

We'd also like to officially welcome a few new faces to the team. Redman was picked up many months back and has been a great addition to the team. We just recently added another Black Ops player named Ironside to the ]BoS[ family as well. The outlook for the team is looking incredibly bright as we bulk up with fresh faces and friends and gear up for another round of the Battlefield series later this year.

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Black Ops Squadron Update

by DesertFox on December 9, 2010

Well it's been a long time since the front page news has been updated and a lot has changed. The ]BoS[ members decided that the Battlefield Bad Company 2 scene had finally met it's end. The team has dropped BF:BC2 as one of their competitive games. The BF:BC2 team ended their career with a positive record and as one of TWL's top 10 teams.

After the demise of BF:BC2, many members dabbled in other online games including Starcraft 2 and MMO's. However, the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops has once again spurred the competitiveness of many ]BoS[ members. The team has joined the CyberGamer.org Proving Grounds Tournament, which fields it's first match tonight against vVv Sagacity. Please wish our new team luck as they venture into uncharted territory!

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Bad Company 2 Update

by godlike1269 on September 17, 2010

It has been a long time since the site was updated to reflect any of our recent matches in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and as a result this update will not have much in the way of match details. Since the beginning of July we have been involved in a couple of the TWL ladders (4v4 SR and 8v8 Conquest), the Alienware tournament and have recently gotten involved in the WOGL Squad Rush season 1.

Our 4v4 Squad Rush team has been doing well, winning 7 out of 11 games, and losing to only Chalk Gaming and World Klass Assassins (twice). A memorable match was played on 8/25 against Bravo Squad 75th. We lost the first round 0-2, won the second 2-0, and then ended up winning in the third map after about six overtimes. Port Valdez was a gridlock. We held them off convincingly on defense for 5-6 rounds while planting and coming very close to blowing it ourselves, but each time we came up just short. Finally they got the first mcom and we held them to just the one. But that put our backs once again against the wall. We ran a medic train up the left on the house side and cleared enemies quickly through the rubble pile. We blew it and then pushed forward quickly, 3 to the left and one to the right. Dagger managed to sneak behind enemy lines and we all spawned in behind them. En masse we swarmed the second point, planting and 4 cornering the building. BOOM.

The 8v8 Team has also done well since July, winning 5 out of seven matches. Our match on 9/1 against Violent Industries Revolution was a good one, played on Valparaiso. We won the first round convincingly, but they ended up rallying to take the second round, forcing an overtime round. In overtime, we managed to hold two points most of the game, but there was a moment when we lost B, and ended up giving it to them and re-capturing C. It seems we are generally getting better at adjusting our plans on-the-fly. At the end we beat them in overtime convincingly once again.

Many of our members have been taking some time off to play other games including Starcraft II, which has seemingly claimed most of their gaming hours. Joe is actually conquering the world one brick at a time playing Minecraft.

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MillionManLan 9 L4D2 Tourney Update

by whizperz on July 11, 2010

Yesterday our L4D2 lan team competed in the Alienware Arena L4D2 Tournament in Louisville, KY at MillionManLan 9. First map up was Dead Center where we narrowly pulled out a win over Like A Boss on the finale. Next came team OSLT2 on Swamp Fever who ended up conceding the match giving us the victory after the 3rd map leaving two unplayed. For the semi-finals we were put up against team Instagib who put up a really strong fight on Dark Carnival pulling out the victory over our team 2029-3158. All in all it was a great run for us and we are looking forward to next year's event...hopefully featuring Battlefield 3!

This is it for us at MML 9 as the event closes today around 2pm EST. Check back tomorrow as we go up against SOC/e.G. for our final match of the TWL 8v8 BC2 season. We are currently ranked 8th overall with a 5-2 record and hope to extend it to 6-2 tonight.

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MillionManLan 9 TF2 Tourney Update

by whizperz on July 10, 2010

Last night at MillionManLan 9 in Louisville, KY we had some great matchups in the TF2 tournament. The first two rounds brought sizable and quick victories with the TF2 LAN team winning the quarter-finals and moving onto the semis.

We ended up playing a team named HwnL which is actually a group of guys who play for Overly Offensive in BC2. We had a hard fought match but their medic/heavy combo was too much and our team lost 0-2. It was a great run and we are looking forward to the L4D2 tournament Saturday. We also want to say thanks to Jagobah for being our 5th and a great medic.

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Black Ops Squadron at MillionManLan!

by whizperz on July 9, 2010

In 45 minutes, Black Ops Squadron will begin the competitive tournament portion of MillionManLan (http://www.lanwar.com). Our LAN team this year consists of Whizperz, Dagger2b, the_latex_fist, and J0E as well as Jagobah, a pickup at the LAN, who will be helping us out in TF2.

Up first is the TF2 tournament starting at 4pm EST today and then the L4D2 tournament starting Saturday at 1pm. Our team will be playing for $500 in each tournament courtesy of Alienware (http://www.alienwarearena.com). Here's to two strong wins and a revitalization of ]BoS['s presence in the Midwest and at MML!

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